Good luck, @mpershan — Matt Vaudrey (@MrVaudrey) September 20, 2013 @MrVaudrey 64 and 8 are strongly associated. When taxed, working memory craps out. So you've got 8 and 3 mushing around. That's my best. — Michael Pershan (@mpershan) September 22, 2013 Thoughts?

  I think the temptation I have is to call this a “careless” mistake and urge more practice. Let’s probe deeper. 1. What does this kid know and understand about exponents? 2. What’s the fastest way to help? 3. What makes this mistake so tempting? Thanks to Sadie Estrella¬†for the awesome addition to our ever-mounting… Continue reading

  I want to share a theory on this mistake: The student had an association between negative exponents and reciprocals and “half-powers” and square roots. As the student was parsing the problem he “fulfilled his obligation” to use that association on the number. I guess what I’m positing is that the mind works by making… Continue reading