precalc 2


What’s the fastest way to help this kid?

Thanks again to theĀ Estimable Tina Cardone.

  • It looks like they are confused about how to convert from the entire circumference to a portion of it and decided to try dividing by 60. This student also needs a discussion around the meaning of that equals sign, because step 2 is not equal to step 3, and I’m sure they know that.

    • That’s a pet peeve of mine, I hate when kids add in operations mid-solving but say its still the equal.

      • I’m working with my colleagues in the elementary school to define = as equality, rather than “the next step in a calculation.” I’m hoping it pays off in a few years when their students get to high school.

  • This looks like a problem my precalc students are having as well. There is a deep lack of understanding about the relationship between angle measure and radian measure AND there is a reliance on formulas to get them through. I’d have a conversation pointing out what David said above and I’d have a conversation about similarity relationships. It can be seen as a part of a whole relationship regardless of the unit used to measure the angle.

  • It looks like the dreaded “take the numbers in the problem and see which operation sounds closest to making sense” approach. Maybe having them draw a diagram would help?