From the submitter:

Students were presented with the photo of the bowl of lilikoi and the story: Brayden and Caelyn picked lilikoi.  There were 13 lilikoi in the bowl. Caelyn picked 5 lilikoi.  How many lilikoi did Brayden pick? The second photo shows student predictions.  If a student changed their mind, we crossed out their previous prediction and wrote the new one.

Give a theory as to why students answered 13 before answering 5 (or 8).

Thanks to Mitzi Hasegawa for the excellent submission.

Cena, wherever she is these days, deserves a medal. This video is a classic.

Here we get to see how the teacher followed up with the student, so let’s tackle these questions:

  1. What can we say that Cena does know?
  2. What is going through her head as she answers these questions? Where does she go wrong?
  3. What are the teacher’s moves in this clip? What is her strategy for uncovering the student’s errors?