robert (768x1024)


(1) Is there a mistake here? (2) If so, what makes it an especially¬†available mistake, one that’s fairly easy to make and not notice?

Thanks to Robert Kaplinsky for the submission.

  • Not sure if it’s a mistake, but I’ll take a bunch of 25 ticket packages, please.

    Maybe they are factoring the amount of work for the amount of tickets. With 1 it’s a lot of (relative) time/effort for just 1, so you charge more for it. Similar on the other end where counting out 120 tickets may take a while when they could be selling more, smaller packages.

  • Christopher

    50 tickets seems like a bum deal. Perhaps that increases the sale of 25 ticket bundles to folks who would otherwise buy only 10.

    The only mistake is made by the person who BUYS 50 tickets in one transaction.

  • George Lutz

    It’s more expensive per ticket to buy 50 tickets. Or, I would buy 2 groups of 25 tickets ($20) rather than one group of 50 ($25).