Derivatives logarithms

The Derivatives of e^x and ln(x)

What you need to know is that the student work is the stuff typed in red, and that this came on a take-home quiz:

MathMistakes_e_1 MathMistakes_e_2


Why does this student think that ln(e) = x^1. Or did I get that wrong? Are there ideas that “feel similar” that he’s confusing, or is it something else?

(Thanks Taylor!)


Derivative of a Constant

deriv of constant


Sandra reflects:

“It’s really not an ERROR in the ANSWER, just an ERROR in thinking that they have to do any work at all to get the answer.  Perhaps an over-achiever?”

What say you all, Calculus people?

Thanks to Sandra for the submission!

Calculus Derivatives

Implicit Differentiation

What does ze student know how to do? What mistake is ze student making?  How would you help?

Derivatives Feedback

Tangent Lines

We’re putting together a nice collection of Calculus work. Keep up the great submissions!

What does this student know how to do?  Given what the student knows, what’s your best guess as to the source of the error? How might you help?


Finding f(x) from f'(x)

There’s a lot to think about in this problem. But where is this student having trouble, and what would you do with the student next?