Distributive Property Expressions Standards for Mathematical Practice

“Prove the following conjecture: The sum of any 3 positive consecutive odd integers will be divisible by 3.”


First, I just love the question. Second: theorize! What happened to this student? What are some good signs in the student’s work?

Thanks to Bree  for the submission.

Also: I categorized this under “Standards for Mathematical Practice.” Does anyone have another CCSS standard that fits this problem and work?

Standards for Mathematical Practice

Pascal’s Triangle and Pattern Finding

This one is fun. It comes from a lesson on problem-solving strategies where the focus was on sniffing around for patterns.

This is a great snapshot of student thinking. Here are some questions to start thinking about:

  • Is it a mistake?
  • Let’s say you want students to focus on a different pattern. How might you modify the problem?
  • What general lessons about teaching can you glean from this student work?

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