Solving Trig Equations Trigonometric Functions

Solving quadratic trig equations

What’s the nature of this student’s mistake? Is it the sort of mistake that the kid would make given a linear equation to solve, or is the mistake particular to the trig context? How might you help the kiddo?

F-IF.7 Graphing

“Can’t graph it. Too big a line.”

“The line’s too big.” So what? Why does this matter to the student, and what does this reveal about his understanding of graphing?

F-BF.1 Functions

Keeping your composure (? does that even count as a pun?)

What does this student know about composition of functions?

What’s going through the kid’s brain when he makes his mistake?

How would you help?

Algebra 2 F-BF.1 Functions

Composition of Functions

This kid clearly knows some of the basics of composing functions. But check out that last line.




What is going through this kid’s brain, and how would you respond?