Area to Side Problem Statement


Area to Side Length


How would you help this student?

  • Give this student a pile of 81 one-inch color tiles and an 84-inch-long piece of yarn!

  • l hodge

    Is that a second person making the correction with the 9×9? Is the issue careless reading of the problem or do they not have good understanding and intuition on area vs. perimeter? If it is the latter, it would be good for them to sketch these things out on graph paper.

  • Yeah, I’m also confused about the 9×9 thing (i.e. whether that is a subsequent correction or original student work). Did the student simply misread area/perimeter? Or does s/he not understand those terms distinctly? I’d need to do some talking with the kid.

    It seems to me that one feature of this problem is that the student will get the correct answer to the question using the incorrect procedure. 20.25 is indeed smaller than 21.

  • Me: “Please draw me a picture to explain your answer and reasoning.”
    Student: “Really? Do I have to? Why?”
    Me: ” I’d like to see the area and perimeter of each