5 out of 6 Mistake

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Julia: 5 out of 8. OK I need 8 even groups. 5 of those groups will be vanilla and then remaining 3 mint. Then she may have decided to “share” out the tens once evenly first, see what she had. 80 shared 80 left over, so I can share out the tens again evenly. 80 and 80 is 160. How many tens are in my mint box…60.
Alternatively, she could have jumped straight to thinking I have 16 of the tens to divide into 8 equal parts…16 tens /8 is 2 of the tens. 20 in each. But then why didn’t she write 20 to start. It would be interesting to see what she would do if given, 104 people, 5 out of 8 preferred vanilla. Would it look something like this?

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