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A bunch of new mistakes for you to check out

Hey everybody! It’s so nice of you to visit here.

I recently posted a bunch of mistakes, and I know how easy it is to get slogged down in the internet, but I think that you’ll like these. So go check out…

… a mini-essay I wrote about some 3rd Grade Exponent mistakes.

… a student who thinks that ln(5)-ln(4)=ln.

… some very non-standard fraction notation that my 4th Graders started using.

… all of the answers my kids gave to Andrew Stadel’s Black Box lesson.

… a meditation on the spoken of language of fractions, inspired by a kid who calls three quarters “a third.”

… a confusion a Geometry student of mine had about “scale factor.”


Also, from other people’s classrooms, we’ve got…

… a problem with equivalent fractions in algebra. Or, does squaring the top and the bottom of a fraction not do the trick?

… a division mistake, and what’s going on with it anyway? (I thought it was a calculator mistake.)

… a mysterious claim made from a sort of geometric scatterplot question that I’ve never seen before.


Come comment and join the fun!