Hey everyone. The way that I’m categorizing mistakes isn’t really working for me, and I’m curious what all you users of the site think about what we’ve been doing.

Here are my questions:

  1. Suppose that I stopped categorizing posts by CCSS standard (i.e. “A.REI.3”) and instead used the CCSS categories (i.e. “High School – Algebra – Reasoning about equations and inequalities”). Would that bug you? Anybody out there really like the categorizing by standard?
  2. Right now I categorize posts in two different ways. First, by topic and course (i.e. “Algebra 1, Inequalities”) and also by CCSS. Let’s say that I told you that I was going to just do the CCSS stuff. Would that make you happy/sad/morose/nonplussed, or would that have no impact in your life?

I’m looking for feedback. Please leave a few quick thoughts in the comments of this post.

(Also, feel free to start a more general conversation about features of the site.)