exponents Expressions and Equations Feedback

What do powers mean, again?

Would the student have made this mistake if she were just given a^2 to evaluate? If yes, then what’s the misconception. If no, then what’s going on?

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Feedback Tangent Lines

Lines Tangent to a Point

What does the student know? What doesn’t the student know yet?

Calculus Feedback Max/Min Problems

Santa’s getting cheap: Minimizing the area of a box

This student knows stuff. What does the student know? Where did they go wrong, and why do you think they went wrong? How might you help?

8.EE.1 8.EE.4 exponents Feedback Scientific Notation

Scienfitic Notation


What does the student know? What are the student’s misconceptions? How would you help?

Derivatives Feedback

Tangent Lines

We’re putting together a nice collection of Calculus work. Keep up the great submissions!

What does this student know how to do? ¬†Given what the student knows, what’s your best guess as to the source of the error? How might you help?

8.EE.7 A-REI.3 Feedback Solving Linear Equations

I have nightmares about this one

What aspect of solving linear equations is this student struggling with? ¬†From the student’s point of view, why does the moves made seem like the right ones?

Are there any interesting things that you do to help students with linear equations? How do you make the right moves seem intuitive?