Algebra 1 Multiplying Polynomials Seeing Structure in Expressions

Multiplying Monomials and Binomials

Why would 2m \times m^{2} = 3m^{2}? Or 2m^{2}?

This mistake was brought to you by the letters M, A, R, Y, B, O, U, R, A, S, S, and A. You can follow her on twitter and on her blog.


Arithmetic with Polynomials and Rational Expressions exponents Rational Expressions Seeing Structure in Expressions


What’s the mistake? Diagnose the disease, and find the cure in the comments.

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Expressions Seeing Structure in Expressions

Words –> Expressions

How would you help this student become sensitive to this language?

Another quality submission from John Weisenfeld.

A-SSE.2 Algebra 1 factoring

What does he think “factoring” means?


What does this kid think “factoring” means? And, at least to me, the more interesting question is: where did that conception of “factoring” come from? Tease it out in the comments.