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Graphing Stories



What does this question reveal about the student’s understanding?

(Also: do you agree with the mark given by the teacher?)

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I am concerned that Sandy is asleep at the wheel while driving at 60 miles an hour, and that she sped up while eating pizza ( I usually slow down, due to bits of mushroom dropping down my shirt)
Our school district gives students 50% for any “0”, so I guess the teacher is doing what s/he has to do…

It took me a few minutes to figure out why each part of the story involved stopping instead of just the 3rd part of the story, but then I realized that the student thinks that the circles that mark each point means that Sandy stops. So she goes 30 miles, and then she stops. She goes another 60 miles, and then she stops. It’s amazing what students will come up with!

I think the student got 1/2 credit because he did understand how to read the graph in terms of time and distance traveled. He just didn’t understand that distance/time=speed.

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