Division Numbers & Operations in Base 10

Lots of correct ways to do division


Div1 Div2 Div3 Div4 Div5


No mistakes here, but I’m sort of blown away by the variety of division techniques I saw in yesterday’s problem set. Thought that it was worth sharing.

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I’m curious what type of instruction proceeded these problems. The children really seem to own the relationship between division and multiplication. I would enjoy hearing the oral student explanations too. Thanks for sharing.

This was the first day of division in 4th Grade, so I shouldn’t take credit for any of their work. They’re strong kids, and they all did some division work in 3rd Grade. We did a lot of multiplication work, though. Maybe their flexibility in division is reflecting the techniques that we’ve given them for multiplication?

Probably not, though. This is probably evidence of the strong understanding of multiplication and division that they came into my class with. So, in short, dunno.

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