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Call for submissions

Hey everybody,

One of the best ways to support this project is to submit some student work. We’ve got about another week worth of student work before we run out, so if you enjoy this site I’d like to encourage you to submit.  A couple of things about submitting work to the site:

  • Some people aren’t allowed to share original student work. You can still share, though, if you just copy or type out the student’s work. We’ll post that.
  • Once school starts, I’m going to just have a camera with me every time that I grade. When I see something interesting or representative of a common error, I’m going to snap a quick picture of it. It would be great if a lot of you would do the same.
  • I also post other sources of student errors. So if you’re watching a video on youtube, reading an article with some good samples of student thinking, or looking through the Q&A section of  a Khan Academy video, feel free to submit those too. Really, anything that represents mathematical thought is fair game for the site.

Thank you for all of your support so far. Your submissions and comments are already making this site a really valuable tool for a lot of people. Great work, gang! Let’s keep it up.