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Mistake Hall of Fame: Cena

Cena, wherever she is these days, deserves a medal. This video is a classic.

Here we get to see how the teacher followed up with the student, so let’s tackle these questions:

  1. What can we say that Cena does know?
  2. What is going through her head as she answers these questions? Where does she go wrong?
  3. What are the teacher’s moves in this clip? What is her strategy for uncovering the student’s errors?

3 replies on “Mistake Hall of Fame: Cena”

I am very impressed by how the interviewer doesn’t inquire into the subtraction errors. I think I would have found myself distracted by that, and asked questions. Here I think we see the interviewer very focused and committed to pursuing a particular issue. Within that pursuit, the teachers recognizes that the particular mistake is tangential, and she is able to go with what the student has done to continue pursuing that assessment goal. I think this is modeling something important but I’m having a hard time putting it in words.

I think you are on to something here Brian. As a new teacher (1st grade) I often find myself straying away from the goal of assessing student understanding by the mistakes made. I would greatly appreciate teacher training like this. The teacher interviewing Cena is unilaterally focused on the task of assessing understanding of 1.NBT.2

The tasks are disjointed and the questioning moronic. Fire the teacher. No wonder the poor kid is confused.

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