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Negative Numbers

What’s something that interests you about this student’s work?

Another quality submission from John Weisenfeld.

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1-4 is 12? I think this a student who has “folded” their hand. Definitely needs some work with M&Ms or gummy frogs (two sides – flip once for negative, flip twice back to positive, and then make +- pairs).

I think it is interesting how in question 51) (-7)-(-5) the student got a positive number for the answer and for the same problem type question 55) (-2) – (-1) the student then got a negative number for the answer. I understand that the child is struggling with the concept of adding and subtracting negative numbers, but I found this change interesting. Why did they get it confused? Or what in their brain switched how to handle this problem just two down from the last?

I’m curious to know; were any concrete examples done with integers before asking a student to solve these problems? The student obviously does not understand integers and perhaps the student does not understand the concepts of addition and subtraction either.

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